Windows Beautifully Cleaned in Devonport Tasmania
Windows Beautifully Cleaned in Devonport Tasmania

A Busy Week

Gawler House
Window Cleaning at Gawler in Tasmania

Its been a busy week cleaning windows this week in the Devonport region. We have had jobs at Gawler (see picture above) Stoney Rise, Wilmot and in Devonport City to name a few. Guess everyone wants their windows cleaned before Christmas.

There are a few different types of jobs that need doing, the house in the picture above (one of our lovely customers) had a multitude of small bay windows to clean. Whereas another customer yesterday had all large windows. So that makes for an interesting time out and about.

We enjoy the work, its satisfying to see that you have achieved something after a hard days work. With clean windows all around a home or business. Also meeting different people all the time is fun and interesting to chat about their property and neighborhood.

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